3 Tips to Follow If You Want to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

The Internet is a wide, wide world. In fact, it is too wide that inappropriate content often comes up even when you’re doing an innocent search. For example, you need to find examples of Halloween costumes. So you type the words “popular Halloween costumes”. Sometimes, instead of getting the right results, you get the wrong ones, like women dressed in sexy, almost-naked lacy costumes. If you’re the only one using the laptop or computer, you can simply leave the page and do a more specific search. But if your kid is the one using your computer, it becomes a problem. To help you out, here are three tips you can follow to keep your kids safe from undesirable online content and virtual predators.

Know what they do when they go online.

In other words, you have to get involved in whatever it is they are doing. You can do this by constantly monitoring your kid’s online activity. There is a software/program that you can use for this, if you want to be a little more techie. Otherwise, you can simply sit or stay beside your child while he/she is using the computer. This applies mostly to children below seven years old. Of course, if your kid is already seven, eight, or 10, you don’t have to sit beside him/her anymore. However, do check what he/she is doing from time-to-time.

Lay down the rules at home.

It is not enough that you monitor the online activity of your kid. You should also lay down the rules at home. You need to write your rules for computer use. In the list, indicate what time your kid should play or use the computer. Be specific about the time, so your kid can easily follow it. Additionally, indicate which days he/she is allowed to play. Finally, make a list of the websites or social media accounts/pages that he/she should not access. This will send him/her a message that you are serious about your rules. Be sure to hang the rules where it can be easily seen.

If Your Kid is five years old or younger, stick to child-friendly sites.

Yes, there are child-friendly and safe websites. Some examples of these sites are Ask Jeeves for Kids, Yahooligans, and the American Library Association’s Great Web Sites for Kids.

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