The primary goal of iNet Now is to inform and educate the public about technology and the Internet. To complement the information you will get from the site; our team decided to share some useful resources that can help you understand technology and the Internet better. We found a lot of resources online but decided to feature only four. Here are some websites you should check out:

ACM-W or The Association for Computing Machinery’s Council on Women in Computing

ACM-W is dedicated to causes and advocacies that involve the full engagement of women in the field of computing. It offers some programs to its members. Likewise, it works hand-in-hand with communities and organizations in highlighting women in the technical field, as well as their contributions to society.

Information Week

Information Week is an online community dedicated to business technology professionals. It is where CTOs, IT leaders and managers, and CIOs gather to find information, news, and updates. It is where they share and exchange experiences related to technology. Information Week is for technology leaders.

VMoC or The Virtual Museum of Computing

If you want to know how the World Wide Web began, or how the idea of computing came about, you should check out VMoc. The Virtual Museum of Computing is a visual wonder that features exhibits. Hundreds of people visit the museum every year, a testament to the interest it generates. The virtual museum features historical information, details about computing organizations, online and virtual exhibits, and computer simulators, among many others.

Resources for School Librarians

If you are a school teacher or a librarian, you will find this page helpful. The Resources for School Librarians is the ideal resource for all the relevant information you need about computers and the Internet. It features lesson plans, a skills curriculum, online activities that you can use in class, and a list of online resources for technology teachers, as well as digital literacy resources that you can use for learning and teaching how to use the computer. Some of the lesson plans that you can access include Educational Technology Lesson Plans, General Technology Lesson Plans, Internet Safety and Digital Citizenship Lesson Plans.