Top 3 Technology Trends Used in the Classroom

Nowadays, a lot of schools are Wi-Fi connected. In addition to this, technology is also highly encouraged in some schools. In fact, some colleges and universities allow their students to bring tablets and laptops during the lecture so that they can use them for taking down lecture notes. Some students do not even listen to the lectures that much anymore as they can always record them on his smartphone. It is no wonder then that technology can be used in classrooms and lecture halls. As such, here are three technology trends that can be used in the classroom.

Games and Lessons or Gamification

Helping your students understand their lessons better by adopting a gamified version of the discussion is one way of using technology in the classroom. Instead of boring students to death, ask them to participate in a game about whatever your lesson is. Of course, you need to prepare the game a day or two before your scheduled class. Use the Internet to create the game. Likewise, if possible, play the game over the Internet.

Use Tablets as Digital Textbooks

Reading becomes more interesting when technology is involved. So instead if asking them to buy a paperback or a hardbound book, ask your students to read a story in class using their tablets. If they do not have one, you can always request the school to get one for them. Think about it; instead of forcing them to open their textbooks, you can them to turn on their tablets and access the story you uploaded. Of course, this requires some time to prepare. For example, you need to discuss the story of A Christmas Carol. Instead of reading the story to class, you give them a copy of the ebook and ask them to read the story together on their tablets.

Using Social Media 

Yes, social media can be used in the classroom. It has to be used properly, though. The secret is in using the right strategy. For example, you can ask your students to interview their favorite campus personality. They don’t have to do it personally; they can simply talk to him or her via Facebook and they can conduct the interview via Facebook chat. You can also ask your students to crowdsource for possible answers to a question. All they need to do is post the question on their wall and ask their Facebook friends for the answer/s. The best thing about using social media is that it is something that your students understand and like. Therefore, the learning experience will be positive.

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